August 14, 2017

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Dear ICEC/ISCEC Chapter Presidents/ICEC Subdivisions,


Please forward your ACTIVE CHAPTER REPORT FORM  Bethanie Whittaker, ICEC President, ( and Michael Daly, ICEC Treasurer, ( by September 15, 2017.  (ISCEC information should be reported as soon as it becomes available.)  As per Section IV, Article 4.2.1 of the ICEC Policies and Bylaws, the following information is being requested in order to maintain active chapter status:


  1. Complete and submit this report by September 15, 2017;


  1. submit names of a minimum of three (3) officers;


  1. conduct a minimum of four (4) activities per year (activities may consist of board meetings, general meetings, special events and activities);


  1. maintain an updated constitution and bylaws and


  1. maintain a minimum of ten (10) members.

Include Chapter Name and Number, Chapter contact person, and contact informtion

Please return this information by September 15, 2017 to:

     Bethanie Whittaker

207 Alfs Court

Pekin, IL  61554


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