Hey fellas, Robert here! I’m a 55-year-old fellow with a Ph.D. degree from Stamford. I love exploring the global education systems. While studying, I was always curious about the education systems in other regions. So, one day sitting in a library, I thought of discovering it through related books. As I started, I felt utterly indulged in it. In this way, I almost read 20 books about various education methods for each specific age period.  

Thus, the hobby of discovering teaching methods or pedagogies stayed with me forever. Now, at the age of 55-year-old, I can proudly say that I have all know-how about education systems in the world. I thought of applying the methods to kids around, and it was really effective. The parents of those kids were also greatly impressed by the positive changes in kids due to the practical methods.  

So, my friends suggested I share the information with the new parents or teachers around the world. This idea clicked my mind, and I started this blog. With this blog, I will make sure to share each detail that helps educate kids.